In my work I explore constructing figure/ground reversals that both remove and replace information. Fashion advertising, IKEA catalogs and Internet ads have all become inspirations for my work. Through altered pairings, I hint at a believable space that, upon further investigation, fractures into a series of irreconcilable realities or conditions. These abrupt or sometimes subtle shifts in dimension arouse questions and move towards a harmony based on an inherent dissonance.


Informed by the history of collage, my work strives to create a fractured and shifting view of our cultural landscape. Through fragmenting, cropping and covering information I deny the original purpose of my source imagery, highly commercialized, seductive advertisements, and in the process create a complex visual terrain defined by discordant intersections and uneasy relationships.


Through this past series of work I found a technique that allows for prudent application of paint to achieve my aesthetic goals, utilizing my substrate and allowing the canvas to become an integral part of each piece. My most recent works have been focused on pushing those ideals further, exposing relationships more through the medium itself and less on the imagery depicted.  Iā€™m attracted to the connections that are created through creating.